Thursday, 15 March 2007

School Subjects

Many of us forgot what subjects we were taught in TRGS right? For the benefit of all :

Primary 1 and 2 :
English Language - Reading, Conversation, Recitation, Written Expression, Spelling, Writing, Composition
Science & Nature

Primary 3 to 6 :
(Reading,Conversation,Recitation, Language,Comprehension&Compo,Spelling&Dictation)
General (Geography, History, Science & Nature)
Second Language (Chinese/Tamil/Malay)
Optional (Writing, Art, Handwork/Needlework, Ethics)

Means of transportation

During our time either you walk, take the public bus or engage private transport to school. There was no school bus service.

What was unique about these private transport was that they were provided by private operators using vehicles not like the MPVs we have these days but mere saloon grade ones that should only carry 5 passengers max. Instead these enterprising operators had a long small bench placed over the back passenger seat so that they could pack 8 to 10 of us behind. I wondered how I survive using this form of transport which probably explained why I walked home whenever I could when I was in upper primary.

By the way my "school transport" was driven by a woman. On hindsight the Car Auntie was ahead of her times - she not only can drive but turned it into a business - an enterprising woman indeed! Joo Huang shared the same transport with me. Can you imagine squeezing ourselves into the backseat of a saloon now? LOL.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Primary 5A 1969

I tried many times yesterday to download this photo. Can't understand what was the problem so decided to change file format of photo to jpeg. Good thing it worked!

The Form teacher of 5A was Ms Pat Wee. Friends in 5A can confirm?

I was in Primary 5B under Mrs BS Low.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Primary 2C 1966

Class of Primary 2C
Form Teacher Ms S Sundram

Primary 1A 1965

Photography is by courtesy of Heng Jee Hwa. Who also contributed photos for Primary 2C and Primary 5A.

TRGS Report Book

This report book is 42 years old! I kept it all these years because it reminded me of my time in the school. How many of you still have it with you ? Take a closer look at the School name on the book it has "II" added behind.

School Teachers 1970

Pardon me if I'm wrong but I remembered attending TRGS II and not TRGS I as there were 2 batches of students of all levels who attended either morning sessions or afternoon sessions and we take turns to attend alternate session every year. The only "historical" evidence I have is the autograph written by one or two of my teachers that I still keep. They signed off as "TRGS II"". Unlike the 2 session-schools we have now where the Primary 1/3/5 may be attending afternoon sessions and Primary 2/4/6 attends the morning sessions.

I believe some of the teachers are still in contact with each other like Mrs Sng and Ms Grace Wee?

Monday, 12 March 2007

Right name wrong person same school

I cold call someone with the same name as one of our P6A class and was initially delighted to hear that she was also from TRGS! After almost 40 years it would have been wonderful to be in touch with her.

But soon we realised we were not classmates but probably school mates as she was 3 years our junior. Her Principal then was Mrs Tay and not Ms Isaac. I think Ms Isaac left midway of 1970 or after our class photo was taken. Mrs Tay signed our report book for the last term of the year.

I am still happy that the person was also from TRGS! However she is not in contact with any of her friends from Primary school.

Email Address

My email address is Love to hear from those of you who were from TRGS.

TRGS School Prefects

A picture of all school prefects in 1970. I wonder why I was not in the picture ?

School Choir

TRGS School Choir 1968
Teacher In Charge : Ms Grace Wee

I remembered we performed at many concerts and competed in national competitions.

One of the most unforgetable memory of being in the Choir was the very exciting trip to the RTS (Radio Television Singapura) studio at Caldecott Hill(?) I think. Considering that Singapore's first television station was only launched on 15 Feb 1963 and later became RTS when merged with Radio Singapura we were indeed privileged to have the chance to perform on Television. It would be nice if a clip of our performance is available.

On record our school choir participated in the Music Festival in 1968.

Primary 5B 1969

Primary 5B 1969
Mrs Low FormTeacher

There was a change of uniform in Primary 4 I think to the new skirt and top outfit which I didn't liked at all. The material used was uncomfortable and quite translucent. School Prefects were however allowed to wear old uniform. But as you can see from the photo one or 2 classmates still continue to wear their old uniforms.

Primary 2D 1966

This is Class 2D 1966.
Photograph courtesy of Teh Har Eng (left to right middle row 6th person).

Primary 1D 1965

This is the Primary 1D Class of 1965.

My late cousin Wee Bee Lian (first from right seated) was in the same class as me.

Primary 6A 1970

Taken in 1970 this photo is the "graduating" Class of Primary 6A.
The teaching staff in the photograph were from left Ms Liu our Chinese language teacher, Mrs Sng, our form teacher, Ms Isaac the Principal, Mrs Yong(?) the Vice Principal and a
Malay language teacher.
Look at all our smiling faces!

Foreword : Tanjong Rhu Girls School 1965 to 1970

I created this blog with the hope of sharing and reconnecting with any one who was a student or teacher in the defunct Tanjong Rhu Girls School from 1965 to 1970. Currently there is a group of us who are in contact. We share info and photos of our days in the lovely old school that gave us lots of fond memories.

As I am new to blogging it may take some time for me to fill this blog with the things I want to put in. Bear with me but for a start I have uploaded some photos. If you find yourself in any of them please send me an email. Love to hear from you.

exTRGS P6(1970)
Lee Bee Lor

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